Presentation of the guided tour of the Plate Taille Dam

The guided tour of the Plate Taille Dam (the largest dam in Belgium) will take you on a thrilling journey into the heart of the dam's gallery. Indeed, after an introduction around a giant model representing the 1800 hectares of the Eau d'Heure Lakes site, you will be taken by one of our guides into the only gallery of a dam that can be visited today in Belgium. Explanations adapted to all will be given in order to better understand the essential role of this gallery.


During more or less 400 meters, you will feel in full immersion in this unusual place; when you come out of it, you will feel very small between the tower culminating at 107 meters high and the Dam which will overhang you of 50 meters.


From this point, a short lift ride will take you to the engine room overlooking 4 powerful reversible pump turbines where you will have the opportunity to discover how they are used, particularly for electricity production. The visit will resume on the 5th floor, a real skywalk offering an unparalleled view of the lakes with as a highlight ... Its glass part giving you this feeling and surrealist impression of being in the void. The return journey will be made along the Dam via the outside.


Et pour finir, la visite se terminera dans l’auditorium où vous pourrez découvrir en images l’origine du barrage via un petit film technique.


Duration of the guided tour: Approximately 1 hour and a half.


Augmentation des normes de sécurité ! Nous avons besoin de la carte d’identité (ou en photo) de chaque participant.


Attention ! Les chiens ne sont pas autorisés lors de la visite guidée du Barrage de la Plate Taille




Horaire congés scolaires hors juillet/août (en français et néerlandais) :

Tous les jours : 10 heures 30 – 12 heures 30 – 14 heures 30


Horaire hors vacances/congés scolaires (en français et néerlandais) :

Les mercredis : 10 heures 30 – 12 heures 30 – 14 heures 30

Les week-ends : 10 heures 30 – 12 heures 30 – 14 heures 30


Horaire juillet-août (en français et néerlandais) :

Tous les jours

  • 10 heures 30 & 14 heures 30 : Visite guidée en français
  • 12 heures 30 & 16 heures 30 : Visite guidée en néerlandais


Attention: Schedule subject to change


Vouchers and packs are currently not accepted for online bookings, please inform us by email before booking at the following address:



Reservation strongly recommended


Adulte : 14,00 €
Enfant (4-12 ans) : 12,00 €
Child -4 years old : Free

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