Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General questions section

Is it mandatory to book activities in advance?


  • Nous CONSEILLONS FORTEMENT aux visiteurs d’acheter leur ticket en ligne. Acheter en ligne, c’est en effet la GARANTIE d’avoir accès aux activités désirées au sein du Parc du Crocodile Rouge au créneau horaire souhaité.


Is wearing a mask mandatory?


  • Le port du masque n’est plus obligatoire.


Can Crocodeals (packages) be booked online?


  • At present, these can only be booked via email at the following address:


Can we use a crocodeal (pack) over several days?


  • No, these are only available for one day.


I have a discount coupon, how do I get the discount?


  • Pour bénéficier de la réduction, vous devez contacter notre service réservation à l’adresse suivante : N’oubliez pas de leur indiquer : le jour de votre venue, le type de bon de réduction, le nombre de personnes (adultes et enfants), l’activité choisie et le créneau horaire souhaité.


What are the conditions of application of the gratuity?


  • As with the discount vouchers, you must first inform our reservation department at: Don't forget to tell them: the day of your visit, the free entrance (via voucher, contest,...), the number of people (adults and children), the chosen activity and the desired time slot.


Where do I go with my tickets previously purchased online?


  • At the start of the reserved activity, either in printed version or in QR Codes version on your smartphone. As a reminder, here are the departure locations for the different activities:


    • Cruise aboard the Crocodile Rouge: Outside the Visitor Centre, at the foot of the Crocodile Rouge.
    • Guided tour of the Plate Taille Dam: Outside the Visitor Centre, near the Crocodile Rouge activities panel.
    • Croco Express: Outside the Welcome Centre, at the foot of the Croco Express
    • Laser Game : Inside the Visitor Centre, in the rotunda (follow the purple arrows).
    • Bicycle hire: Inside the Reception Centre, at the Crocodile Rouge cash desk.
    • Visit ONLY to the Skywalk: Inside the Welcome Centre, at the Crocodile Rouge checkout.


Can people with reduced mobility (PBS) participate in the activities?


  • It all depends on the person's autonomy. As far as the guided tour and the laser game are concerned, these activities are unfortunately inaccessible. On the other hand, for the Croco Express and Crocodile Rouge, if the person is able to move alone in order to proceed to the boarding (average of 5 steps), there are no worries.


From how many people are we considered as a group?


  • From 20 paying persons.


Is there a dress code in the park?


  • Yes, for safety and hygiene, we ask adults and children to wear a t-shirt and (adapted) shoes during the activities.


Is it possible to eat on the spot?


  • Oui, sur place vous trouverez le Crocodile Café.


What payment methods are accepted?


  • Cash - Bancontact - Visa - Mastercard